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    Ship Name: Crassier
    IMO: 9217761
    Bulk Carrier


    Alang is best known for its ship recycling activities. Alang is a port located in Bhavnagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Alang is Asia's largest ship recycling yard. It was incepted in the year 1982. Alang has become as one of the best ship recycling destinations for the ship owners and ship managers around the world. We are trying to inform our members to provide ship details. Like main engine, generator set, air compressor, chilling compressor, oil centrifuge, hydraulic equipments etc.

    Ship Detail
    Ship Name: Crassier
    Plot No.: *** Detail available only for registered user. ***
    Ex. Ship Name: Raiju
    IMO: 9217761
    Type of Ship: Bulk Carrier
    Build Year: 2000
    Beaching Month:*** Detail available only for registered user. ***
    Anchor: 11025 Kg AC 14
    Chain: 92-96 mm
    Main Engine:Mitsui MAN B&W Type: 6S 70MC, Power: 17000, Speed: 75.8 Rpm, Year: 1999
    Turbocharger:Mitsui MAN B&W Type: NA 70/T07 39T, Year: 1999
    OMD:Daihatsu MD9M
    Aux. Engine Detail:Daihatsu, Type: 6 DK20, Power: 712.5 Kva, Speed: 720 Rpm, Year: 1999, Unit: 3Set
    Aux.Eng. Turbo:IHI, RH 143
    Emergency Gen. Set:Deutz, Type: BF6L913C, Power: 150 Kva, Speed: 1800 Rpm, Year:1999
    Air Compressor:1)Hamworthy, Type: 2TF 5, Unit: 1pc
    2)Teikoku Machinery, Type: ACT 235A, Year:1999, Unit: 1pc
    Deck Compressor:
    Chilling Compressor:1)Daikin, Type: 4C552A F, Unit: 1pc
    2)Bitzer, Type: 4FES 3Y 40S, Unit: 1pc
    Oil Centrifuge:1)Alfa Laval, Type: MOPX 309 TGT 24, Year:1999, Unit: 2pc
    2)Alfa Laval, Type: FOPX 610 TFD 24, Year:1999, Unit: 2pc
    Fresh Water Gen.:Sasakura, Type: KM 20, Year: 1999, Unit: 1pc
    Oily Water Separator:Heishin, Type: HMS 200, Year: 1999, Unit: 1pc
    Plate Heat Exchanger:*** Detail available only for registered user. ***
    Winch:Hydraulic, Fukushima Pump FG16A(2pc) FG18A (2pc)
    Radar:*** Detail available only for registered user. ***
    Other:*** Detail available only for registered user. ***
    DISCLAIMER: We try to provide quality information, gathering them from several qualified sources , but we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the provided info.